Balder´s Hall

Aleksanterinkatu 12, 00170 Helsinki


Rauhankatu 7 E, 00170 Helsinki

CONCERTS 16.2.-29.9.2023

  • 6.6.
    Tue 6.6., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Trio Est
    Trio Est opens the Aino Ackté concert series in summer 2023. Members of the trio are pianist Fanny Söderström, violinist Abel Puustinen and cellist Anna Westerlund and they have been awarded f.e in an international chamber competition. On the program there is Beethoven's delightful first piano trio, Saariaho's colorful trio "Light and Matter" and Brahms'...
    Tickets: 25 €
  • 7.6.
    Wed 7.6., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    CANCELLED: Vuokko Hovatta Kolmisin
    The concert has been cancelled. Compositions by Panu Savolainen and Atte Kilpeläinen for poems by Riina Katajavuori   Vuokko Hovatta, vocalsPanu Savolainen, vibraphoneAtte Kilpeläinen, viola
    Tickets: 25 €
  • 8.6.
    Thu 8.6., 19:00 - 21:00, Balderin sali
    Jorma Uotinen & Trio Avec TANGO
    An intense concert experience with compositions by, among others.  Astor Piazzolla, Kurt Weill, Jorma Panula and Villado.   Jorma Uotinen, vocals Trio AvecPetr­­­­­­­i Ikkelä, accordion and bandoneonIlkka Joronen, pianoHelena Plathan, cello
    Tickets: 35 €
  • 13.6.
    Tue 13.6., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Spirit Of New Orleans & Leroy Jones
    In this rare concert, the Helsinki-based jazz band Spirit Of New Orleans will feature the ever scintillating trumpeter Leroy Jones. Jones is one of the most respected soloists of the style and is a familiar guest in concert halls and festivals around the world. Spirit Of New Orleans was founded...
    Tickets: 25 €
  • 14.6.
    Wed 14.6., 19:00 - 21:00, Balderin sali
    “From me to you” Pentti Hietanen & Tessa Virta Duo
    The intimate evening hears stories and music that have touched and colored the path of Pentti Hietanen's life. There will bean entertaining and touching musical journey from hisyouth to today. In addition to great classic entertainment tunesyou will hear gems from opera, pop and rock.   Pentti Hietanen songTessa Virta...
    Tickets: 30 €


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