• 1.6.
    Wed 1.6., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Mertanen & Chopin
    The celebrated combination of Mertanen& Chopin returns to the Ackte Festival. The winner of the Chopin Competition is presenting works from his new recording, which will be released this coming autumn, including Chopin’s mesmerizing Sonata no 3 in B-Minor.   Janne Mertanen, piano  
    Liput: 25 €
  • 7.6.
    Tue 7.6., 19:00 - 21:00, Balderin sali
    Sävelten Sillalla
    The versatile soprano sister-duo takes the audience on a musical bridge between Estonia and Finland performing beautiful estonian and finnish songs as well as international opera and musical classics. Angelika Klas, sopran Marion Melnik, sopran Janne Hovi, piano
    Liput: 25 €
  • 8.6.
    Wed 8.6., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Helize Fado! Helize *Pajo!
    The Finnish fado singer Kirsi Poutanen and composer-pianist Esa Helasvuo conjure up a shared landscape of the fado soul, both in Portuguese and Finnish, even in Carelian. The concert generates a soul-touching energy.   Kirsi Poutanen, vocals Esa Helasvuo, piano
    Liput: 25 €
  • 9.6.
    Thu 9.6., 19:00 - 20:05, Balderin sali
    Divided Horizon
    Pianist Aki Rissanen will present the material of his acclaimed Divided Horizon solo album for the first time in Helsinki. The music of the five-star-rated album in Helsingin Sanomat took shape during the corona pandemic in 2020. “I spent a long time with my family at our cottage in Savo,...
    Liput: 20 €
  • 14.6.
    Tue 14.6., 19:00 - 20:10, Balderin sali
    Valkeat yöt – White Nights
    Celebrate a concert program “White Nights” with the Tree and Flower Cycles by Jean Sibelius and the most beloved violin and piano pieces by Pjotr Tchaikowsky and Edvard Grieg tohether with thoughts and aphorisms of Jean Sibelius and poems by Eino Leino.   Ruusamari Teppo, piano Linda Hedlund, violin Suvi Olavinen, recitation  
    Liput: 25 €
  • 15.6.
    Wed 15.6., 19:00 - 20:00, Balderin sali
    Tell me the truth about love
    A musical journey to the essence of love. This concert will explore the why and how and whom we love. The program takes the listener to the world of classical music and music theatre through cabaret songs and musical numbers, and gives a taste of Spanish warmth in the cold...
    Liput: 25 €
  • 16.6.
    Thu 16.6., 19:00 - 20:15, Balderin sali
    Camino flamenco
    Camino flamenco is a collective of five Finnish flamenco artists. Camino Flamenco creates a harmonic combination of dance and live music. The repertoire is based on traditional flamenco with a twist of personality in it – a variety of dance numbers, strong singing solos and virtuoso guitar numbers are included....
    Liput: 25 €
  • 21.6.
    Tue 21.6., 19:00 - 21:00, Balderin sali
    ”Love me, Tinder”
    The most beautiful tango classics from Argentina and Europe. The program also includes the premiere of song cycle ”Love me, Tinder” - Three Tangos for Tenor. The music to Harri Kaitila’s lyrics has been composed by Juha Lehmus.   Harri Kaitila, tenor Mikko Helenius, bandoneon Lea Pekkala, violoncello Esa Ylönen,...
    Liput: 25 €
  • 29.7.
    Fri 29.7., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Säkenöivät jouset
    Summer night with charismatic artists is full of sparkly skill and feeling! The concert by international soloists offers gems of chamber music. Beethoven String Trio op.9 no.2 in D major R.Gliere op.53 no.1,3,4 (cello duo) Georgy Gusev Calypso (cello duo) Pause Anton Arensky String Quartet op.35 no.2   Christel Lee,...
    Liput: 30 €
  • 4.8.
    Thu 4.8., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    What a lovely evening! Three energetic and charismatic artists will perform wonderful music by Joseph Haydn and Sergei Rachmaninov.   Laura Mikkola, piano Linda Lampenius, violin Jaani Helander, cello
    Liput: 30 €
  • 5.8.
    Fri 5.8., 19:00 - 20:20, Balderin sali
    The concert and spectacle Flamencodanza consists of Raul Mannola´s Flamenco and fusion guitar repertoire, as well as the delicate, strong and elegant dance numbers of Aylin Eleonora Bayaz. At the moment Flamencodanza is being performed in Madrid and Barcelona. The performers add their own style and touch to the language...
    Liput: 28 €
  • 10.8.
    Wed 10.8., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Kaija Kärkinen & Ile Kallio – Together!
    When you’ve made music and lived together for 30 years, there are reasons to celebrate. The circumstances didn’t agree… So, we decided: Let every year from this moment on be a year of celebration. And let every moment with a live audience be worth of celebration.   The concert consists...
    Liput: 25 €
  • 11.8.
    Thu 11.8., 19:00 - 19:50, Balderin sali
    “End of Time” – Olivier Messiaen : Quartet for the End of Time
    The Koiné Trio,  founded by violinist Mathieu Garguillo, cellist Basile Ausländer and pianist Pau Fernandez Benlloch, is joined by clarinetist Claudia Reyes Segovia to perform the Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen, one of the most poetic and powerful chamber music works. Inspired by the Apocalypse of...
    Liput: 25 €, opiskelijat 10€
  • 12.8.
    Fri 12.8., 19:00 - 20:40, Balderin sali
    Henrik Huldén, Kjell Westö & Poetic Light Orchestra
    Poetic Light Orchestra has specialized on Nordic songs that tell a story. The entertaining band consists of a varying number of musicians, led by the renowned singer/songwriter Henrik Huldén. Other profiles in the ensemble are the internationally appreciated author and songwriter Kjell Westö, the sensitive German bass player Guido Jäger, the multi-instrumentalist...
    Liput: 25 €
  • 16.8.
    Tue 16.8., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Resonating landscapes
    Leevi Madetoja wrote the delightful ‘lyric suite’ commissioned by the Kalevala society, to celebrate the national Kalevala day. From these Finnish sceneries the concert continues with a sonata by Olli Mustonen that brings us both depth and playfulness. The concerts ends with the great cello-piano sonata by Dmitri Shostakovich. It...
    Liput: 25 €
  • 17.8.
    Wed 17.8., 19:00 - 20:00, Balderin sali
    Back to Bach
    Jazz pianist Joonas Haavisto brings improvisation back to Johann Sebastian Bach´s music. His new arrangements of Bach´s The Well-Tempered Clavier preludes and fugues include lots of improvisation. Joonas has also made a couple of arrangements of jazzstandards in the style of Bach by using the idea of linear counterpoint.  ...
    Liput: 20 €
  • 19.8.
    Fri 19.8., 19:00 - 20:00, Balderin sali
    Il Tramonto – The Sunset
    This concert presents Ottorino Respighi´s Il Tramonto, an extraordinary work for mezzosoprano and string quartet composed to a poem by Shelley ”The Sunset”, amongst other chamber music performed by the outstanding artists Jeni Packalén together with Linda Hedlund, Elina Lehto, Lotta Poijärvi and Senja Rummukainen.   Jeni Packalén, mezzosoprano Linda...
    Liput: 25 €
  • 24.8.
    Wed 24.8., 19:00 - 20:20, Balderin sali
    Clairières dans le ciel
    I write and the countryside resonates with joy   In this concert Elisaveta Rimkevitch and Niina Ranta dive deep into the art of French music and present one of the hidden gems of the early 20th century: Lili Boulanger lived a short existence, yet one filled with a burning passion...
    Liput: 25 €
  • 26.8.
    Fri 26.8., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Duo Eskelinen–Mikkola
    Experience the less frequently heard and unique program offered by two brilliant virtuoses!   M.Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Fantasia op.145 L.van Beethoven: Andante con variazioni WoO 44b M.Ponce: Sonaatti, arr.F.Carulli L.Brouwer: Tres Danzas concertantes L.Brouwer: Tres Danzas concertantes     Ismo Eskelinen, guitar Laura Mikkola, piano
    Liput: 25 €
  • 21.9.
    Wed 21.9., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Pepe Willberg & The Classic Quintet
    Runot ja sävelet is a wonderful concert containing works by Finnish composers and poets that Pepe Willberg has recorded during his long career. Music by Mårtensson, Chydenius, Ahvenlahti, Palmgren, Donner, Willberg, Lehtinen…. ”Myrskyluodon Maija, Sinua sinua rakastan, Romanssi, On hetki, Toiset meistä, Heijastus, Aamu……..” Pepe Willberg, vocals Matti Hussi, piano, Sirkku...
    Liput: 35 €
  • 23.9.
    Fri 23.9., 19:00 - 21:00, Balderin sali
    The swinging trio Antti Sarpila, Seppo Hovi and Hannu Rantanen together with the charismatic and versatile soprano Angelika Klas, offer the audience a concert evening with unforgettable classics of operetta, musicals, evergreens and jazz.   Angelika Klas, soprano Seppo Hovi, piano  Antti Sarpila, clarinet Hannu Rantanen, double bass    
    Liput: 30 €
  • 28.9.
    Wed 28.9., 19:00 - 21:00, Balderin sali
    Helena Lindgren & Jorma Uotinen: Kielletyt leikit
    An evening of deep emotions, songs about inevitable passing of time, love and passion, longing and friendship. Songs about life itself, songs about ouselves. Helena Lindgren & Jorma Uotinen, vocals Dan Antone, piano
    Liput: 30 €
  • 30.9.
    Fri 30.9., 19:00 - 20:30, Balderin sali
    Piano trio classics
    Naoko Shibayama-Aarnio, Petri Aarnio and Tuomas Lehto will perform well-known trios of the classical and romantic era in their concert in Balderin sali. On the program are works by Felix Mendelssohn and Ludwig van Beethoven.   Felix Mendelssohn                               Piano trio in d minor, op. 49 Ludvig van Beethoven   Piano...
    Liput: 25 €